Forever Seventeen – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

The forbidden fruit
The last hold of innoncence
Our last September
Our last moment of the now
Forever to look back in fondness of seventeen

My first taste of your love
Drowning in the lustful comfort of your arms in the back of the pick up under a clearly starry night
Feelings without control.
Our bodies ravaged by urges we never learned in school
Too taboo for dinner time conversations

Forever changed in the awkwardly comforting of your salty kisses.
Our bodies as one deep in the canvas of your soulful kingdom

You are my jam
My Queen
The one I'll compare all others to as I hit the road of life
There will be many and drunken nights alone in the dark with all memories leading to you

It was our country love song hidden from the world
Our friends didn't understand
Our parents never knew
I hit the moonshine
You had the candy apple wine

We laugh and cried
Overthought and over played
I never wanted those nights to end

After, we'd lie naked under the blanket
I'd play guitar
You sang to the stars
We dreamed about a life on our own, but always remembered where we came from

The gateway to awareness
Decline from the summit
Skin so soft
Eyes so pure
Soul precious as rare art
Raising the roof like a phoenix catapulted to the heavens, the walls must tumble soon

But hold onto seventeen
For now, the darkness of these country roads protect us from the unknown
For now, we are forever seventeen

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