Intoxicated – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

I never want to stop being inside you
A metaphoric journey of pleasure and discovery wrapped in a silky ribbon of secrecy
A love so deep it runs through the veins with explosive heat

This love is so painful
I never want it to end
Pierce through the skin so I feel
Turn the knife to expose the wound
Pour salt on this infected obsession
Bleeding this passion in a lyrical masterpiece
A hurt so good

My beauty Queen
A unanimous decision
A desert princess with the water to quench this thirst

You can't always get what you want is headlining our soundtrack
A rock opera of what might have been acts
And where we are finale
A standing ovation in our dreams
The perfect story transcribed by prophets and angels
Written from the heart of two fated strangers who found a home in one another

The dust is clearing
The walls broken
The flowers in the garden blossoming for all the world to see
A new act scripting the rebirth

I love being in love with your love
Please stay in this moment forever
Drunk on the passion of each kiss
Intoxicated to the point of uncontrollable vulnerability
Please stay

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