I Found My Light – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

I had a conversation with Heaven and all my tears went away
I was comforted when the angels took me near, raised my head, and silently spoke to me
Then they closed my eyes with the feathery touch of their hands
I heard the songs of my life
A chorus of harmonies and scenes from the first sight to last breath

Suddenly I woke
A note by my bed
3 more days
3 more days to live the life you wish you had
3 more days to give a love so pure
3 more days to remind her how to soar
3 more days to see it all
3 more days before the call

I rose without hesitation to find her
Give her a lifetime in a few short breaths
Give her meaning without worry; without dread

We climbed the highest mountain
Swam beneath the bluest seas
We kissed without conviction
And made love under the weeping trees

Time passed so fast
Three days amassed

Before I could say goodbye, I felt the beat not hers, nor mine
A life began under the starry night
A legacy to remember mine
In an instant, I finally knew
My purpose will continue on through you.

In 3 days I found love
Created life
Found hope up above

Now I go in the darkest of night
For I have finally found my light

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