Silence the Anxiety – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Let your clarity define you

In these awake moments, find a purpose to call your own

Let your heart break with each setting sun of a love disappearing in the shadows

Hold your head high, knowing you are the outlet of your own prison

Break these chains
Scream away the anxious threats poisoning your soul
Haunting you
Shatter the claustrophobic walls closing in

Quiet the mechanism
Remove the distractions
Hear the silence building up inside
Embrace it
Find comfort
Can you feel the darkness opening up the universe?

One more time
Release the toxins
Breathe in the source of goodness

There it is
The big exhale
I'm good
That's the voice speaking
That's the angel inside

I'm the true wonder
No more room to hide
It's time to release the child inside


I feel it's power
The movement slows
Up and down
Up and down
Wait for it
Perfect balance

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