Betrayal is our Lost Love – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

Its been a million years since I touched you
Felt your body close to mine
In a way, you were able to stop time

I miss the comfort of your head resting on my chest
The smell of your hair
The feel of your breasts
You heat of your thighs

The fiery flame of our your body keeps me up at night
I living fantasy running circles in my mind

How on Earth can I move on when everyone is a shadow to the perfection of you that lingers on
Every kiss from another
A betrayal of our love
Every thrust a painful reminder it was always just the two of us.

You were the only Heaven I ever needed
I ever wanted
I ever knew

Every move toward a separation of our bodies, a silent scream
All the strength to hold you near
Every prayer to keep you by my side every waking day

There is a depth beyond lonely without your love
A deep abyss
Deafening silence
Breathing descends beneath the core until the last lingering beam of sunlight disappears forever

Tomorrow I’ll awake
But tonight, I’ll again dream
A dream so real manifested from the memories still locked inside my heart
Tonight, I’ll cheat on another to remember a time when we’d look through each other's eyes and make that unspoken promise never to be apart

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