Fortunes and Freedom – Original Poem

By Mark A. Leon

We’ll sleep on the ground
We’ll seek direction by the light of the moon
We’ll pray to the stars
Find love in your arms

And run 'til freedom’s in sight
We’ll follow the West
Stumble on rocks and hug trees
Bathe in the knee of the river deep
Kiss under an apple tree
Hold hands and run through the cotton fields
Make love in the valley and the caves beneath

Sing songs that bring us delight
Sip on the nectar of late-night diner life
Every town has a new name
Every highway all the same
We’ll phase out the signs and fly with the eagles above

Our time has come to runaway
Every day with you, I’m home to stay
I see riches every step with you.
You are the priceless beauty no wealth can pursue

Fortunes and freedom
An anthem rejoiced in glee
Fortunes and freedom
Just you and me

We have no more day
Nor night
Nowhere to be
But everywhere, anywhere, all we can be

It's a feeling I cannot describe
But when I see that look
Yes, that look in your eyes
All the grey melts away
Crystal clear
A future that smiles for us all the way

Count the colors that caress your wrist
Yellow, red, green, blue, and all the rest
Let me kiss you for friendship, love, companionship, hope, and peace
Bang the drum to the crashing waves
Dance around the fire wishing the evil spirits away
Alas we are here
Nowhere, everywhere, you and me

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