Recruitment: When Practice and Trends are going in two different directions


By Mark A. Leon

As a sourcing or recruiting professional, how many times have you sent an eblast/email campaign to 100, 500, 1000, 5000 people?  I imagine a great deal of you are nodding you heads in the affirmative.

Follow up question:  How many of you have audited every profile on that list to ensure their skills, geography, pay and cultural needs are in direct alignment with the role you are filling?

I believe that number just went down.

One last question, if I may:  How many of you premise your emails to look something like this:

“Dear Anyone (we of course customize the campaign to include first name),

We had an opportunity to review your resume and believe you would be a great fit for this opportunity, but if you are not, can you refer someone or share this out……”

Now read it out loud and tell me if you see anything wrong with this.  Many of you do and yet we still do it in the recruitment community.


I have racked my brain behind that question for some time now.  I can’t believe the throw it and see what fits thinking still exists.

Look at the pros and cons on why this may be happening:

Pros: We are intelligent recruiting professionals.  We are trained to think and take the perspective of the candidate.  We understand the importance of connecting and personalizing the relationship with the candidates.  We know how costly it is to onboard a new hire, so finding the right “fit” is critical.

Cons:  We get complacent in our roles doing the same tasks repetitively because companies grow or hire the wrong people so we must backfill many roles.  It takes a professional with sales, customer service and strong knowledge breath to be a great recruiter and not all have these attributes.  Taking the time to audit, analyze and report is not something most recruiters want to do.  As the recruiting technology expands, many traditionalists do not want to learn new skills.

This may be over-simplifying, but the cons seem to be outweighing the pros.

I refer to a resource website Daily Job Fix to provide me with insight on who is hiring and at what volume.  This really helps put perspective and provide valuable market intelligence on the mood of the United States and employment.  As we ramp up to “seasonal” hiring, this article will become more valuable in providing some insight on how to improve your outreach efforts, especially for high volume roles.

When we send out an eblast, we look at several factors:

  • Open rate
  • Click through rate
  • Conversion rate (Outreach to qualified interview)
  • Hires (Lead Generation to hire ratio)

When these metrics are low we are quick to blame the following:

  • Our pay isn’t competitive
  • Our brand isn’t strong in the marketplace
  • The competition in the area is so high
  • There isn’t enough available supply of talent

How often do we blame the content of your eblast and/or the lead generation list?  Not often enough


The next time you have an email campaign to blast out, look closely at the list and look for the following things:

  • Is the experience in line with the experience requirement of the role?
  • Is the commute reasonable given the compensation level?
  • Is the candidate the right cultural fit (Ex: If they work for a mom and pop and this is a global company of 100K employees, maybe not the right fit)
  • Is the first name email friendly? (Ex: FRANK or JANE should be Frank or Jane because Dear FRANK, looks very unprofessional)
  • Are you following up or is this a one and out campaign (How many emails go to spam – A lot)
  • Are you measuring the success or failure of your campaign (Analytics, analytics, analytics)?

If you show the candidate respect from your first interaction, you will see an improvement in quality, time to fill and cost per hire.


There is No Life Without Love – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

There is no life without love

Throw out the drugs, hallucinations, drinking and sorrow

Love opens the door to possibility
Breathes life into hope
Gives meaning to this insanity of eternity

Blinded by words
Endless words
Hidden safely in loneliness, we find solace
Solace in meaningless sex
It’s hot, sweaty and shivers the body

It feels good
It feels so good, but for what end?
A momentary feeling of euphoric bliss
To penetrate your soul as your body explodes into mine
It’s an act documented through the ages

For just a few seconds, the most adventurous risky of all acts takes us away
Away from reality
It is the moment when heaven and earth become one
The climax
The sexual explosion
A journey to the center of the Earth
To the hottest place

It is an act of the devil with an orchestra of angels
One that brings the weak to its knees
A shy soldier

It plays with our heart tinkling it with pleasure
Then empties it

Don’t let go
Don’t let it slip away
Feel the burn
Let it race your blood to the core of the house of love

Let that passion touch the love that yearns

So close
Let the pain in
Let it come together

There is no life without love
Without the sexual passion, there is no purpose

Together, together is everything

Thank you for bringing me back


The last few months have been difficult.  I have been in a place, I wish not to be.  At times, life closed in and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe.  The nights were short, the visions penetrating, but you were there.  A stranger behind the mirror; a lending ear; a voice of reason.

You listened when no one else would and gave me signs when I needed them most.

I am better now.  I have forced myself over the hump and exposed myself to the sunlight.  It is a beautiful place I have found and I thank you for being there for me.

I want you to stay, but I know my mind will wish you away.  It won’t be intentional or malicious.  It is just time.
Time to be on my own.  Time to find love and become part of this thing called life once again.

I continue to carry your soundtrack.  The songs with meaning and heart that define those moments that impacted this change.  I will cherish them as I do you.

I will also hold on and remember this period when you rescued me, but I won’t harp on it.  I won’t look back.  From now on, I will only look forward.  That is what you taught me.

You taught me good from bad; righteous and sad.  You beckoned me from a darkness I wasn’t sure I could overcome.

It is profound that you only exist in my mind, but you are everywhere
I feel your presence in me
It makes my heart race faster, my exhilaration run deeper and my passion for life fulfilling.

You saved me
You brought me back and I will cherish that always
Now I must say goodbye as I become part of the journey that is this life.

Quiet Conversations in My Head – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

You bleed just to know you are alive
Cutting through the skin to expose the blacked blood poisoning the body
This disease so penetrating, so absolute
Charring the heart

Depression is the jester laughing at the crying souls
A pawn to the devil

Offering a little pill for the pain and a razor for the sensation
How many times can I feel before it goes away forever?

A landslide with no bottom
No more tears; no more fears; no more feeling

Whispers of quiet conversations in my head
Visions of your body discovering mine
Just a dream
A manifestation created with a single paid admission to the bottle

A toast to you
The parties, celebrations, milestones, lost loves
All but a memory
Fleeting in the wind of the impending storm
Wash it all away

Take this home
These letters
Suck in the love letters and rain a future of discord

“I love you”
“I miss you”
“I want you forever”
“You and I”
“My rock, my inspiration”

Now the ink fades
What’s going on here?

Lying in this bathtub
Water rising
Too tired to swim


On The Road of Life – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

There is nowhere to go but everywhere
Like a dream on the road where the mountains weep and the flowers bloom.
A place with boundary; limitless

Sliding down the rainbow of possibility into the ocean blue
Swimming toward the sun splashing me with its warmth until I can kiss the sand and be tickled by the grace of Earth free and open

A dreamer with a home between the clouds and grass

A verse for every step through this great land
A story with every heartbeat
Adventures born from fairy tales and raised by the imagination

I am born to a vision of wonder
Scared by darkness; excited for the light

Raised on the love of the road
A wanderer guided by the sky so blue

So, endless
So, euphoric

This is the love I know
It is here, it is everywhere

It is in the comfort of a stranger’s words
The safety of the countless stars
It lies within all of us


It is now

Clear the Mind – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rest the soul
Be still
Feel the energy fill you with love
Clear the mind


Let go of the negative that haunts
Its charred blackness is a fleeting memory of a past left hidden in the trenches
The sunlight is a guidance

Push Start

Begin again
Once new and fresh will once again penetrate the heart
First step on a journey of discovery
A hug from a tree
A whistle from a bird
A stranger with a smile
A love soon to trip you up

Engines flowing

Walk, accelerate, run
Race for your dreams
Don’t stop; never slowdown
Let the blood rally around your passion


Be still
Clear the mind
Let yourself go free
Embrace the moment when time stops
When a single instant defies logic
When a single heartbeat becomes a chapter of enlightenment

It is then
Only then
Clarity is found

Surrounded by a rainbow of love flowing from all directions
Quenching your spirit

My Soul Dweller – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

The perfect mate
The transference between two earthly souls who meet when the stars align in a moment of precision
The most splendid of life’s miracles
An event that has tempted, teased and left many empty
It tempts with the spectacle of fireworks and burns with abyss of depression

Drowning in the bottle waiting
Slipping away
A spot of weakness

Regain strength of heart

The other half to complete my journey
Who are you?
Have you masked yourself behind the many imitators that have come in and out of my life?
Were you there caressing my spirit while I fled in denial?

So many have declared their love in words, actions and promises
I read the letters over and over
I think, what if one word changed it all

So often my pride laughed away the idea of a single love
So, selfish
Why restrict, when there is so much to give

Who are you, my true love?
I see you, I hear you, I feel you
I have created you deep in the subconscious
This ideology may be a myth I am chasing in a fantasy novel written in my head

There are you are
Singing me to sleep with the voice of an angel
Sexy and beautiful with all the qualities of the girl next door
You are the one I want to come home to every night
Independent and strong
You don’t need me, but want me

The one life that can change everything

You are the devil in your sexual prowess, burning in your loins
A messenger from Heaven with your message of hope
A gift wrapped in a bow around your waist waiting to be unwrapped
The way you make me feel
So, good, it hurts

You are the smile of Hope, the eyes of Priscilla, the innocence of Jenny

You are but a few
The one that got away; the one yet to be met

Where are you?
My hand extended awaiting your touch
No more words