Queen of My Night – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Weeks have passed and I have shared many a lonely night
Strangers come and gone
Promises made in the wind
Nothing, but a glass to keep me warm
Bourbon for the pain
Whiskey for the might

I’ll never forgot those words; recited in the dimness of the candlelight

“As long as the clouds fly above these skies
Until the sun burns its last flame
I will be by your side
Wherever you will go; together we will be, under this vast sky letting the stars guide our path”

You are the queen of my night
A princess in a palace of two
Elegant as the wistful feather of a dove
Free as the ocean wave

Love letters in the sand
Washed away, but never faded from my memory

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, you are my savior
A pillar of light in a sea of darkness
My queen of the night

In fondness, I carry a piece of the heart I damaged so long ago as I walked away
It keeps beating to the sound of your faith and the lyrics of your promise song
Each beat a reminder of my impending return
A life complete
A new journey larger than the likes of you or I

I want you to love me again like you loved me before
Never let go of yesterday and embrace tomorrow
Forever in your kingdom
You are my Queen of my night


A Ripple in Time – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rock skips across the crystal-clear river stream
A ripple in time

Baby cries; a man lies under the moonlit night sky
A leaf falls; a winter breeze; a homeless man dies; a soldier falls to his knees
Time laughs, time teases
A simple man singing a song of reason

Today we dream
Tomorrow we die
A legacy of hope
Time goes by

Today, I met a man who turned to dust
I fell in love with a woman
Knew I must
Be true to one’s self; be fair to a tee
Tomorrow we look back in sorrow and glee

What does this all mean, this ripple in time?
A lesson for tomorrow or a burden in rhyme

A singer sings
A poet rhymes
The philosopher rests on laurels of the mind
To me, I’m you; To you, just be

In the end, it is all about she
Fragile as a flower caught in the storm
Fierce and free
Beautiful as the sun coming out to play
A tingle of warmth on a quiet Spring day
She is wonder vast as the sea
When the chapter is written, they will say, she completes me

To the mountains, we ride
It is truth we seek
Figs and leaves

Through the valleys, we hide
In the depth of mystique
Spice and vine

The prophet awaits with the wisdom we ache
The answer is written, this promise I make

She is pure; she forsakes; she is the power to take
Take one, take two, lest not we fail

In love, the truth lies on this boat we now sail
In the sunset, into the night
I will lie with you until the next guiding light


Recharge – Original


By Mark A. Leon

Stepping out of the shadows of our own darkness
A glimmer of light speckles the ground of jagged rocks and broken dreams with glitter
Two lives led without direction
A compass broken by gravity’s fire

Wasted by society’s cocktails
A glass of bubbly to numb the mediocrity
Bedding strangers nightly just to be touched; yet not felt
Clubs pierce our ears with mind blowing distractions avoiding a life we bore into without choice

A toast to you
A toast to me
A toast to us

Wake up now
A crossroads, masked as a fork, delivered as a message; blinded by the melting sun

A moment of thought
Let us ponder what is behind; what lies ahead; the uncertainty of now

The bar is dry
The bartender has vanished and all that remains is sage advice written on napkins soaking up the spilled dreams

Soon this moment of reflection will end
Do we go left or perhaps right
Straight ahead seems to make sense at least the text books taught us that

Were the teachers real?
The dream of family and love
Is good fortune wrapped around a dollar sign?
The questions, coming like lightning
Fire in the hole

Need silence, a meditative state
Need to recharge

Let us get lost in this impasse


Hello Again, My Love – Original Poem

DSC_0595-2By Mark A. Leon

Hello again, my love
I just want to say hello

One more time with no agenda

Today it seems, you are so far away
I need you back to say, “I need you so”

In all my years, I stumbled through the words
Finding ways to say, just what you already knew

Kindness fell upon your lap
A freckled smile; a childhood laugh
A tender kiss, I was on my way
Looking back, all I could say was silence
A mute

A coward to the fear of letting you know
Falling prey to letting you go

In the shadows; the wind; your past is close behind
Smell of your morning rests on these worn pillows

I was your cowboy, quick to the draw; justified with cause
The chivalry wasn’t enough
It was the flesh wounds of my emotional absence
The quiet nights with no fight in the distance

This horse is come to pasture now taking solace in a pond under a blue sky in this all too familiar place
A red letter day for these old eyes

Seeing the sun rise after so many lonely sunsets
Seeing your reflection in every river
Hearing your voice in the song of the coyotes
Feeling your warmth sitting by the light of the fire

It’s time to come home and to say hello

Dear love


Rest in Peace Sweet Bearded Angel – In Memory of Michael Miller – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.10.30 AM

By Mark A. Leon

Rest in peace sweet bearded angel

You gave love with your kind words
Laughter with your undeniable zest for life
Friendship with an extended arm to the world

The Lord’s hand will guide you to rest in your eternal home

With outstretched arms, you welcomed us
A light-footed wizard on the dance floor
An orator of the times
Documentarian of friendship

A gentle soul
A guiding light
A beacon of wisdom
Never without a smile

With unconditional acceptance, you wove a blanket to cover our fears, shield our worries and warm our spirits

Words cannot illuminate the magnitude of your impact; yet you graced us with your stories
A blessing send from above
Faith by your side
A path of kindness as your shepherd

With your smile, you shined
A man, husband, father, friend, an inspiration

You leave a legacy of a lifetime of delicate humanity so few will ever match

Decency without judgement
Humble grace
A servant to goodness wrought with affection

Your charity fed our hearts
Your decency gave us hope

The world is a better place now
For this, we will never forget

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.09.07 AM



I Will Wait For You – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 9.42.24 AM

By Mark A. Leon

Tear my flesh
Take my sight from their tired eyes
Cut me with your lines
Tear my dreams with the blade of failure
A hopeless devotion to the ideals of a life of meaning
Feed me to the lions ripe for the taste of fresh blood

I will wait
I will still wait for you

For now, I just want to get some rest
To lay my head upon this Earth and find the strength to live again
In this silence, I find comfort

You said life would beat me down
Bring me to my knees
Drown in my own tears
You scarred me with your frozen stair
Weakened my faith

Still, I wait
Soon, the winds of change will blow you me
A tidal wave of love
A tsunami of immeasurable beauty

Soon, our souls will fly
Without wings, but a span of passion
Learning, sensing, soaring
At that instant, infinite bliss will reign its crown

For now
For now
I will wait
Wait for you


Concrete Jungle Princess – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Nine million strangers in the city of lights
Alone, she looks through the window at the insomnia that infects her surroundings

A princess lost from her fairy tale
Wrapped in childhood dreams
Visions of sugar and spice and all that wonderful nice

Dress torn from the thorns of life’s journey
Darkness and fog mystifying her way home

An innocence wrapped in a blanket warmed by the fire
A dreamer resting on the clouds looking down on a world of temptation

Close your eyes, my princess
Feel the wind comb your soft dark hair
Sense my touch on your fingers, my breath on your skin

Your strength bonds your passion
Leaping skyscrapers with the zest of wonder

A unicorn awaits with a message of love to take you down the sandy path to a world nestled in your dreams

Soon, a new reality will explode in a renaissance
A rebirth of joy

Princess, soon the concrete will break and you will be free
Free to laugh
To embrace
To trust

A world of rainbows and sparkles will color your soul

In this concrete jungle, you will no longer be alone
No longer be scared

A light will shine through and this princess will live happily ever after