I Finally Understand – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Let God whisper a promise to hold you until the end
I’ll be your friend
I’ll lift your broken spirit so you can stand
Stand high above the clouds and touch the promised land
Be true to the heavens and fly with the wind
This is where dreams and reality come together
I finally understand

A billion stars light up this night
A single star illuminates the fire inside
In between, we continue to fight
Darkness and light
Fear leads the surge to enter the plight
Hope lights the flame that puts the spirit in flight
I finally understand

To write with intent
A hallucination transcends
The poet touches love with words blessed from up above
The soldier protects a war with no end
The journeyman finds direction with no home
The mother cries fearless in a child’s eyes
Riding the waves a humble surfer behaves
A dying man waits for an unknown escape
The thirsty will weep
A beautiful angel she sleeps
The blind will soon see
It’s all clear to me
I finally understand

The moment is now
The only time that can be felt
A feeling of pain
A soothing refrain
Piercing my heart
So good to be alive
Scream to the sky no reason to ask why
Celebrate the breath
Inhale the tenderness, intimate, and pour
Now we know; now we are sure
I finally understand

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