How Facebook Makes Us Go from John Doe to Justin Bieber!!

This is not intended for the passive Facebook user or the professional user. This article is about the rarest of Facebook breeds. The ones hidden deep in the trenches of locked up bedrooms covered in music posters and pink polka dots and basements with hundreds of thousands of mint condition comics. Yes, the truest of Facebook users, the Facebook Addict!

The most refined addict is very much aware of their actions and behaviors but there are some of us that are sub-consciously brainwashed by the ultimate social network that we don’t even realize we have hit that status.

Time to wake up, smell the pokes, the uploads, the status updates, the friend lists, the stalking and the narcissistic real time comment responses and see what is right in front of you.

A Facebook addict generally has one main weapon, the smartphone. With its ability to be mobile, take instant pictures and video and upload faster than a speeding bullet, this tool is the weapon of choice. Whether it is an IPhone, Droid or…wait are there any others, is a personal preference.

We all know the Dark Knight has an IPhone.

We are all envious of celebrities. We look to the tabloids, fashion and entertainment magazines, paparazzi shots and flock to download the music or see movies. We all want the “Rock Star” lifestyle. Now we can have it.

The number one reason Facebook can take a John/Jane Doe and make them a Justin Bieber or Adele is “Instant Celebrity Status”. If you go to a blowout party, hike a mountain, finish a marathon or come up with a life changing affirmation, you can now provide the details through a choice of media solutions (video, picture, words) instantly to your profile so all your friends and acquaintances can live vicariously through you. If you are sitting at home one evening and you see what all your friends are doing on the social circuit, there is a little bit of jealously running through those veins. We are now celebrities with just a simple click.

Frequency of check ins enhances our celebrity status by showing your circle of social life what a public butterfly you can be.

Comments are the key. What is the point of a status update if no one acknowledges it. We want everyone to comment. Even if it is only a virtual friend whom you have never spoken to. They count. They ramp up your popularity numbers. Look at Klout! Does anyone know what it all means? No, but we still strive to increase our Klout score.

Unlike real celebrities, we are in control of our image. There are no paparazzi around but we do have to keep our eyes open for wandering smartphones who could capture our image at the blink of an eye. If we take a shot that does not get approved by the board of “You”, it can be deleted for a better shot.

You have the ability to set marketing trends. When you try on outfits or buy a new car, ask your friends what they think. Planting these images in their heads will sent subliminal messages and give you the unspoken credit for marketing/promotion.

We are moving toward making therapists extinct, except for Los Angeles. It is just plain trendy out there. If we get dumped or suffer from the loss of a loved one, we pour our emotions out. People flock to provide advice and sympathy. Though not professional, it is the multitude of comments that helps us feel a little better about our situations. Those many profiles of deceased are kept open as memorials so that we can continue to reach out as if they are still beside us in their earthly state.

The most important thing to look for in a Facebook Addict is instant gratification. How quickly do they partake in an activity or event and get that shots/video up on Facebook? Is it a few weeks, a few days, or a few minutes? The quicker the upload, the more critical the addiction status. They also expect the comments to come flying in rather quickly as well.

We all want to be liked. We all want to feel loved and wanted. We all want the appreciation of feeling like a celebrity.

Facebook may have began as a site to rate the looks of students, but has created a culture shifting from 15 minutes of fame to instant celebrity status.

So to all the Facebook addicts, get out there and embrace life. Live it to the fullest but make sure you document every second. It is not enough to scale the Grand Canyon or surf Maui anymore. We are all a part of the Truman Show.

Lights, camera, action.


Deep in Her Eyes – Original Poem

No one knows what it’s like to see the world through your eyes.
Your tired eyes, worn from life’s trials

It is in those eyes that I see life in all it’s majesty and beauty
A lover with the skin of a warrior
Fierce, but gentle

In all your weariness, a glimmer of hope for the true vision to arrive and welcome you into a home of solitude and warmth

It is dark now
A stillness has chilled the night air
You can hear your past hidden in the shadow, laughing at the power it has encompassed over the vulnerability time has presented

Now is the time to look beyond the darkness
A light has cast an incandescence of exclusionary love

A sentimental crush waiting patiently for your time
Now he extends his arms with selfless passion to you

His world is sacrificed to heal your wounded spirit

Now together a new path is drawn with unknown expectations but a promise of a continued brightness

A Passing Love – Original Poem

Like the shadows creeping up in the distance, I will always be by your side
My body may be gone, but this spirit rests inside your restless heart

It is the gift of life in death that keeps my memory alive
It is you that bears the torch
It illuminates the courage I could not express to you
It fuels the flame of a passion so intense that the wetness of my lips on yours can still be felt

Now you must rest and hold me close
Each memory a bed time story as you dream of a time when we both fell from the clouds and landed in the womb of a divine love

You can hear me in the wind
Whispering soft nothings in you ear and touching your velvety skin with the breast strokes of a brush resting on the canvas of life

Now the future is before you.
You are not alone
I am always close caressing your body with the embodiment of heaven’s assistance

Look to the stars for light, the sun for guidance and our love for safety

Don’t ever forget for I am not gone but a partner in your continuing journey

Empty Promise – Original Poem

The countless words of soothing refreshment
The fervor of hearing the sounds of affirmation putting me in a place of safety and comfort

It is in this womb I look to you
A pact of blood now dripping to the curbside as the only image I see is a reflection in the darkness

I am trapped in this cell, sentenced to a lifetime of hurt for a broken vow never spoken from my mouth

A document sworn on by the testimony of your heart was the gift I awaited my entire life.
To hear, to feel, to experience that covenant in your arms

Now it is gone
A lie wrapped in an empty promise

Were your words of silence a ruse?
A clever game or a masquerade to mystify my senses

Now the words are gone
I am alone but each sound continues to echo inside my head
A slow and waning torture getting louder with each passing second

When will it end

The promises
The lies
The emotional damage

I look to the outside as my body deteriorates in this abandoned chamber of solitude
Drenched in a pool of betrayal

The Cure – Original Poem

You are the medicine that cures the disease
A warm savory antidote to the poison that is incurable passion

With a warm bowl of sultry wet fierce red blend, the body is covered from head to toe with the heat of the elixir

Feel its penetration through the pores into the veins rushing through the body
A burst of endurance awakes the hibernating spirits from within

It feels the heart with rage and awakens a numbness that has clustered the senses for too long

Now in you I see the answers
In you, I feel once again
In you, I breath a new tomorrow

I saw you today, a shadow of my past and a fixture of my future. It is the unknown darkness that brings out the light and guides me to your illumination that is my earthly savior

In a pronounced statement from the high prophets of the new world order a king and queen are crowned and a new freedom doctrine is published

It is today that society rests in peace, law is a myth and love is the guidance of expression

You and I will reign in this new civilization
With a staff and a bow we release free reign on the people to love

It is through us that we will be
Not in words
Not in actions

In a legacy that starts with a kiss

Hibernation – Original Poem

Our friendship took a back seat on that fateful day
The haunting stillness in the air freed the angels of death to reign on the broken bond that was once bound in blood

With one final glance you disappeared into the fog of a clear blue sky
Only memories remain
Darker and darker with each passing day

The thought of long auburn hair blowing in the wind
The touch of you fingers on my face one last time
The sight of the blue in your eyes soothing my failing youth

It was a time of yesteryear
A time of innocence
A time of comfort where the words from your heart warmed my senses

Each day, thoughts shared without a spoken word
Moments of reflection became a symphony of bliss

A force guided us home when lonely was our only friend
A stronger force showered away the laughter and broke the chain

Now, time is the enemy as I prepare to look into my past
It is you that forever remains in the hourglass of time drawing sand to the ground leaving our memories behind

Is this regret or a new beginning?

I Never Believed Until I Believed – Original Poem by Raquel Avila

I never believed
my soul could sing her heart out to you
and not be heard.

I never believed
in fairy tales or in promises come true
until the sunset you said “I do.”

I never believed
what others whispered about
how you treated me in vain.

I never believed
an instant love you felt
became the truth of a thousand lies.

I never believed
a man who asserted his love
just as easily let it die.

I never believed
you loved me so tenderly so early
but did nothing to keep your word.

I never believed
your mesmerizing eyes and smilling face
could be the source of so much pain.

I never believed
in the darkest days, I looked to you..
for my companion, for my friend.

I never believed
I could seek a lover’s attention
only to watch you crush my hopes and dreams.

I never believed
foolishly we would find ourselves here
at love’s end.

I never believed
the world around us would intervene
and I’d lose you.

I never believed
you had my courage like
fearless screams in a windstorm.

I never believed
leaving our hearth and
love’s loss was a solution.

I never believed
my soul could sing her heart out to you
and not be heard.

I believe
my soul heard your heart’s discontent.

I believe
my heart saw the ever present ridge between us.

I believe
my bones felt cold as soon as you entered a room.

I believe
the sweetness we tasted was left stale.

And, I believe my soul wasn’t heard

Thank you Raquel for this beautiful piece!