Celebration of Life – This is what a party for a 90th Birthday looks like….

Linda Hickle and Mom Together (All Smiles)


Wow! This took some planning. Mary Katherine Sanders Hickle turned 90 years young last Saturday, July 21, and partied all weekend to celebrate. Mary Katherine (Mary K.) was born at home on July 21, 1922, in Laurel, MS, to James Wilford Sanders and Bonnie Mae Norman Sanders. She finished public school in Laurel, received a degree from Jones County Junior College and although her family moved to Memphis, she stayed in Laurel to work as a bookkeeper at the bank.

She met her husband, Lyman Leroy Hickle, while volunteering at the USO, married in 1945 and moved to Ohio. Widowed, she decided in 2002 to come south and live in Davidson close to her only child, Linda Hickle. She “hit the ground running” and in no time had a new circle of friends through neighbors in her Deer Park area, her church family at Huntersville Baptist Church, her Women’s Circle at DUMC and the Cornelius chapter of the DAR – and all groups were well represented at her birthday parties!

Elvis dedicated “Jailhouse Rock” to Davidson’s men-in-blue including Scott Misenheimer, party escort, of course!

Nine decades of birthdays have not slowed Mary K. Hickle one bit! She is a big NASCAR fan, especially fond of Michael Waltrip (she was there when he opened his Race Shop in Cornelius), and took some fast laps with a driver at Lowe’s Motor Speedway for her 85th birthday. (She wanted to go 185 mph. around the track to add her age to 100 mph. but the driver was only allowed speeds up to 165!) Mary K. is also a BIG Elvis fan so her daughter took her cue from “Elvis” for the 90th birthday bonanza.

Mary K.’s birthday weekend started with a dinner on Friday, July 20, at the North Harbor Club for her immediate family coming from Clarksville, TN, and Louisville, KY. Daughter Linda promised a quiet lunch at Sabi on Saturday and when Mary K. arrived (with police escort), a room of 100 well-wishers at the Asian restaurant surprised her with cheers and birthday greetings. The theme was “Elvis” and not long after Mary K. recovered from being “All Shook Up” and settled into her “Queen’s throne,” Elvis appeared in his rhinestone suit to croon a few tunes to his favorite birthday gal.

Elvis started with “Love Me Tender” and soon honored Davidson’s Men in Blue (Scott Misenheimer was the birthday escort) with “Jail House Rock.” He ended with Mary K.’s favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace.” Linda Hickle had her very own six girlfriend TCB Band decked out in sun glasses and sideburns (remember that Elvis’ band was TCB – taking care of business) to see that all the guests had name tags and signed the memory book. Grilled peanut butter and mashed banana sandwich (Elvis’ favorite with the recipe on each guest’s napkin) were also carefully prepared by Sabi (bet they don’t have that on the daily menu), and cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all.

On bended knee, Elvis presented Mary K. with flowers

When Elvis finally “left the building” and the crowd dispersed, Mary K. enjoyed a dinner at Sabi with her daughter, family and close friends. The party continued on Sunday morning with a brunch for 25 guests at Mary K.’s home which lasted well into the afternoon. Seems you can’t wear a 90 year old out! As the name tag stickers read, “Still Rockin’ at 90!” We congratulate Mary K. on her birthday and send best wishes for many, many more. Bet Linda is already thinking ahead to another milestone birthday but it will take some real creative thinking to top her mom’s 90th! What fun!

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Why I love recruitment

To find something you are passionate about is a gift.
To find something that grants you fulfillment and reward is simply priceless.

There are researchers and scientists dedicating their lives for the opportunity to find cures and promote a better state of living. Doctors and nurses comforting the bodies and souls and extending life so that we may see our grandchildren grow and smile. Teachers who see reward every day in the glow of a child’s eye when they realize they have made a breakthrough. Firefighters who put their own lives on the line on a daily basis to ensure the safety of others. Clergy fulfill a life mission of extending the word of the Lord to those in need. Writers use the benefit of the written word to share a message.

All of these life changing roles serve a purpose. Whether it is to one or millions, their devotion and commitment is a testimony to life. It is the notion of purpose and legacy that grants us a reason to continue our personal journey.

These are extreme examples. We all have value in what we do each and every day from engineers, to chefs, sales, to drivers to accountants. In the circle of existence, all the work we do contributes to a means. It is the value we contribute to society that keeps this well oiled engine moving.

Why do I love recruitment? What is the uplifting result of my chosen career path?

Given the global economic slowdown and the imminent concern over foreclosures, bankruptcy, basic standards of living, rise in poverty, fear and depression, it seems fair to say that helping others find a job is its own personal reward, but it goes much deeper than that.

There are many facets that complete me as a professional. It is the collective embodiment that gives that zest and energy to tackle each day with commitment and pride.

1. Relationships, relationships, relationships – Life is a series of interactions between individuals. Some grow and harness into blossoming flowers while others pass in the wind. Throughout my career I have spoken to candidates on welfare and those making half a million dollars annually and to this day, each and every conversation is a journey of wonder to me. I love the engagement. Making that initial connection and finding that common bond and then letting it grow from there. There is nothing more precious in all of the business world and I get to do it every day. Yesterday, I was reaching out to some of my old networking connections from business I conducted two years ago and it was so refreshing to hear their success stories and their personal life changes. It is the relationships that don’t make the metrics reports or performance reviews but they are the single strongest element of life and business.

2. The ability to change the life of an individual and/or a family. Helping set the groundwork for a career opportunity has ramifications far beyond the assessment and offer. A new career for many is a life change. For some a rebirth or second chance. For others a new challenge. For a few the chance to fulfill a dream. We open the gates of possibility. We hold the key that can guide individuals to what possibly could be the greatest path they can take.

3. Diversification – So many careers are in a box. You have a core group of businesses you support and a set of roles and responsibilities that are a means to an end. In talent acquisition, your client is the company and the scope of expertise is all skills and roles. One moment I may be focused on understanding processes and requirements in the technology space and another I will focus on financial executives. During my career I have dipped into non-profit, consulting, defense, finance, communications, insurance, domestic and global. I stood face to face with Jon Corzine at Goldman & Sachs learned from hundreds of children during Take Your Child to Work Day. Being exposed to all cultures, socio-economic levels and jobs have given me the portfolio to success in how I look at my core goals.

4. Partnership – Recruitment involves many hands in the pot. It is a collective partnership from identification to on-boarding. The process steps involve sales, negotiation, politics, evaluation, risk, and excitement. Working with resource managers, hiring groups, operations specialists, candidates, IT professionals and vendors makes this so much more than what seems like a well run assembly line. Each day is a new set of challenges and one I look forward to.

At the end of the day, it is never about the numbers but the lives. Human capital is and will always be the most critical element of the success of an organization. As automation and robotics take hold, they can only go so far. It is the people that define culture, experiences and growth.

We as recruiters make a pledge to understand the business and identify the best fit for the candidate and the company. We are pioneers to the promise land and I am proud to pave the path.

Sobriety – Original Poem

One last drop of this addictive liquid paradise
The circus in my blood has run dry
Reality is the crypt keeper on the other side of the mirror

Dry, warn and distraught
The locomotive has crashed into a cement wall
No more running
No more false blindness to the world

You need the next fix of this obsession
The demon’s juice is your friend
It flows in the river of dreams
It floats in the cloud of imagination
It shelters from the army of depression

One more you say to yourself
If only one more

The glass is empty
The dreams are drowning in the emptiness that is now the abyss of dignity

It weathered your courage, raised the bar of acceptance and provided a bed to a lonely soul

A devoted fan now a pawn of detox
Strings from above control you now
Forced into a movement of acceptance
Applauded by a world now free from isolation

The music begins and you dance the dance of the rascals and goblins
They laugh as you body dries up to the sadness of life

The Risk of Amazement – Original Poem

If you want be free
If you want to fly
If you want soar high above the clouds
If you want to kiss the sky you cannot be afraid to fall
Hug the clouds, look down, let yourself go

The risk is the greatest temptation and insurmountable fear
The reward so high, the perish do severe

Are the wounds too deep?
Is the pain to relentless?
Does foreboding nightmare reign in your blood?

Walk through the valley of heat
Crawl through the forest of doubt
Open your eyes and the horror disappears

Failure is a hallucination
Break through the mirrors and the image of success

To breathe in the air of amazement is a narcotic blessed in euphoria wonder
The blood warm, shivers cover the skin and the spine tingles

A rainbow now fills the sky as you lay at the end basking in the golden pot

Thank you to the World

There are moments in your life when you become lost for words. As a writer, this is a rare occasion for me. Today marked one of those New York Minutes where words cannot properly express my personal gratitude for what has come to light.

After taking a moment to look at my analytics, I noticed something quite spectacular; the listing of countries that had viewed my blog today. The list and colors were so long and diversified. I quickly put my counting skills to work (Thank you Ms. Hasse, my 3rd grade teacher for providing some of my speed counting skills). After a quick count and then recount I came to the realization that my blog had been viewed in 79 countries today.

I was taken back
In awe

Ok, maybe I am laying it a little thick with the descriptor terms, but it goes without saying that I was and continue to be grateful seeing this. To know that my words, thoughts and emotions have broken the barriers of race, religion, politics and culture so that the universal messages can be heard.

I love sharing my poetry, personal anecdotes, lessons on life, keys to personal happiness, career tactics and pursuit of peace, unity and love. Yet knowing this message is heard and resonating throughout the globe leaves a personal warm spot in my heart.

Often in life we develop a passion for something. Something that becomes our addictive vice. This can be a sport, hobby, a desire or a mission. To put your blood, sweat and tears into each and aspect of this is its own reward, but to know that silent recognition is being sung is priceless.

Without each and every single reader that reads and aborbs these words, this blog would have no success at all. Not only is it successful, but it is continuing to grow.

This message is a thank you. I mean a giant thank you to each person who either has read this for the first time or follows each blog.

The knowledge of the world wide visibility of this blog is a true testimony to the power of the written word.

In a society of instant information and gratification where visual stimulus in pictures, video and music are the mode of accepted transferance of information, it is a blessing knowing the written word still has a home.

What makes this even more special is that I don’t have to hold back. Some of you have been with me through some very difficult crossroads in my life and some amazing periods of celebration. Thank you for allowing me to share those moments and I look forward to many more.

Mental Love Affair – Original Poem

I remember the day we met
Two strangers across the room with time on our side
You, a vision of beauty sculpted by the prophets born with the gentleness of angels and the hands of genius

The rhythm of the night brought our beating hearts closer
A fated moment of destiny
Decided long before this day
Premeditated by cupid and his helpers

A preordained union
Like a darkened theater in my mind, I witnessed our life together woven in with a symmetry of music

From our first kiss to our fond memories of a life spent in harmony, it was a masterpiece

The room is silent. The people, music and movement have been muted so I can hear your breathe. Your heartbeat increases intensity

We both know the next line in the script, but we do not want to disappoint the director above
Closer our bodies move, uncontrolled spasms

Enlightened by a sunrise in your arms
In awe by the amount of love you have shared
Educated by a compassion I have never felt

The night is over and many years have passed.
I now sit alone in this cafe in remembrance
I smile fondly on this mental love affair

I will never forget our moment, our time, our fate that almost crossed

Home – Original Poem

In your arms I am home

I have fallen into this trance as the world is being pulled into a gravitational free fall
Showered in a cleaning pool of heavens purity

As Adam gave his body to Eve, we are one
A spiritual bond together in shackles but free as the bird escaping the mist of a perfect storm

Let me go as the Earth crumbles before us but don’t ever close your eyes to my needs
The end is a metaphor as birth is a death sentence we are all entitled to
It is earned with the gift of original sin

See through me
Can you see this beating heart?
It is fragile and inviting
It is the cornerstone of a passion wrapped in a fragile glass house

Home is full of wonder
It is comforted by a rainbow of affection
It warms the cold air and wishes away apathy

In the purgatory of life, you are the meaning I have searched for
You are my home

In your arms I rest and smile