Happy Birthday to Me…Love, The Internet

Today is my birthday. What a way to make a plug for yourself. Then again a real plug would include my email so I can get random wishes of good will and pleasant celebrations. That leads me directly into the message behind today’s posting.

The mass evolution of the channel’s of communication has allowed for a global stream of celebration and self worth initiatives on one’s annual remembrance of birth. As of early afternoon I have gotten birthday wishes from high school friends to co-workers to ex-girlfriends on Plaxo, Facebook, IM, Email, Texting, Phone and Linkedin.

How does one keep up. More importantly how can I respond to the many many people that once a year go out of their way to show they care? There is the critical question of the day.

As you watch the Olympics and Days of Our Lives think about this question and I welcome any responses that help bring this challenge to a successful result.

I want to thank each and every person and perhaps I may do that this evening but I also want to maintain my sanity level.

This will involve some thinking on my end.

To add one more mode of communication to the list: The Blog

Happy Birthday to me!!!

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