Time Cast a Spell – Original Poem


The haunting of your voice and those three words echoing in my head with every beat of my heart
Pounding louder and louder with each passing day and each mile further from your arms

You cast a spell on me freezing in time the moments we will never forget

Going through life in a destructive path
With good intentions, my failures are my legacy

You asked
I answered with silence
Deafening silence

A hundred times spinning in my head
The moment relived frame by frame in slow motion
An ugly truth in 35mm

I was an island and I would not let you inhabit

This was always the story of us

The perfect storm
In with a blast, out with a whimper
We always lived in the now, like a roller coaster running off the tracks
Faces from the past racing by with each passing turn

A wonder journey of ecstasy


It had to stop
Passed the speed of sound to another dimension
Pulsating speed

Waiting for another tomorrow
Like the blink of an eye

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