True Friend – Original Poem

Good friends, true friends are hard to come by
We are lucky to find one or two in a lifetime
The rare bond stronger than blood held on by the quest to find inner happiness and meaning

To you, I say thank you at the top of my lungs with the colors of love

You see inside me and break through the walls
The barriers of thick emotional glue that separate the harsh realities from the vulnerable core of the soul

You touch me with unspoken words
Heartfelt outreaches
Unselfish dedication

You listen
In laughter and fears, hope and tears
Most of all, never let go

A friendship like yours is born from the stars
Mystical beings dressed in white with wings stretch out their hands to bring us together

You complete my thoughts
You soften my pain
In an instant, calming the senses anxious for answers

In my darkest hours; the most dismal times, when all others spoke with their feet, you stood strong

A rock in a foundation of quick sand

As I sunk to the pits of the unknown virtues of evil,
One hand
One heart
Held me up
Helped me see a glimmer of light in the darkness

Turning a life without direction to a journey of hope

A friend like you is a precious stone in a cave of blackness
One shiny hint from the corner
Just enough illumination to lead me to you

True friendship is acceptance
True friendship is love

I say to you now for the world to hear, I love you
Forever friends

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