Fifteen Minutes of Insignificance

As I was enjoying the refreshing air blow into my car as I departed Orlando after a fantastic Father/son week of fine dining, football, oceans, coastal plane rides, family reunions, comfortable suites, walks, and antique fairs, I had time to reflect on the last few days.

No blackberry, no computer, and with the exception of one call prior and one post, not a need for work.

The sun was setting and the roads were open and with the time to recover from my emergency room visit last week and a little grey setting in I didn’t conclude that I was expendable; quite the opposite. I realized how important I was to the continued flow of my team and the organization. By having a team built on trust and commitment, I was comfortable knowing my work was in the proper hands and would be ready for a smooth transition upon my return.

That is a true sign of worth. Stability, teamwork, knowledge and autonomy made this vacation a reality. Not to mention a very memorable birthday for my dad and costly for me. All worth it though.

Many of us strive to be noticed. Dare I say we seek to get our “Fifteen Minutes of Professional Fame” In this economy there is some truth is getting noticed but let it not jeopardize your health, your family and your own sanity.

If you are successful and results driven, it is noticed. Be comfortable in the knowledge that others believe in what you are accomplishing and they will step up when you need a break.

Take a break and spend time with those that are important in your life.

Disappear for a few days.

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