Letter to my unborn child

Dear Emma,

Each night when you were all snug in your bed with Mr. Peeps, I read you a story. At the time, I took comfort that you just felt comfortable to hear my voice before you went to bed and as your eyes faded into the night, you never forget to whisper “I love you” to me. That was our time and I always held it close to my heart. Those stories meant something more than a way to ease you to dreamland. They were filled with strength, courage, morals, compassion and love. These values I hope you will carry with you all your days.

I know I told you that I would always be there for you and I will. Each time you feel scared or confused, close your eyes and the memory of me with give you the security to carry you through the difficult times.

Sometimes you may think you hear my voice in the wind. You will. I will never leave you side.

You are my world and I hope you give as much love to your children as I to you. Times have changed dramatically as you have grown into this world. Technology is an integral part of your life. Communications are becoming void of emotion and relationships need to be the cornerstone of all that is real.

We would always say “the good old days” or “times were easier back in the day” You never had the chance to live without your smartphone, computer, tablet, WII and other modern toys. Growing up, the streets and the parks were our game console and the neighborhood was the only world we knew. We could hear pins drop at night and see every star in the sky. Flowers and trees weren’t virtual. We didn’t want 3-D, we just wanted to touch everything. Curiosity and imagination gave us all the fuel we needed to be anyone or anywhere we wanted.

That is the magic of the stories I told you. It took you to a place that no game can ever match, your mind. You are blessed with the most wonderful piece of technology. The ability to dream and create is such a wonderful gift of which there is no price.

You are going to have to work hard. With continued population growth and limited career opportunities, you will fight every day to stay on top. Competition is coming globally from all directions as social media has given everyone the chance to gain virtual stardom and step on your chance for continued development.

I loved every job I ever had, but the most rewarding role of my life was loving every moment with you. A day never went by without the thought of seeing you every night rushing through my head. You were my muse, my inspiration.

I don’t want you to every stop succeeding but never let a game system or IPad replace a hug and a story.
Greatness is defined by moments but also by the influence we play in others lives.

As your children grow, they will look to you. They will receive peer pressure and they will try to find their own independence, but as long as you teach them well and let them know how much you love them, they won’t stray far.

My generation started feeling a sense of apathy and uncertainty about faith. I know you saw it too, but you turned out amazing. Watching you grow and embracing the earth, recycling, volunteering and treating everyone equally makes me believe that as I pass on, you will continue to stand up for the foundation of the things that are truly good in this world.

Artificial intelligence is a truly amazing feat with the potential to stretch the limits of possibility but love, compassion and something as simple as a hug can carry a weight much stronger than any robot.

I will never leave you, but you will be on your own now. Looking in your eyes, I always saw the inner strength you possessed and I knew that you would achieve greatness.

I will never stop looking down on you. Let your children have the toys that are now a part of every moment of our lives, but show them the wonders of the world and give all of yourself to them.

I love you sweetheart

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