Vinyl in the Digital World: Nostalgia vs. Technology – Vote Today

Remember when life was simple…

What did we do before the internet?

I remember waiting on line for hours to get tickets to a Guns N’ Roses Concert…

I can download the albums for free…

I’m sure you have heard or even said these phrases. Are we contradictory or just pretentious as we yearn for the old and embrace the new? There are a few of us including myself that houses some vinyl, a VCR and one or two old school lunch boxes. Do I own an IPod? I do, but I inherited it from a relationship divorce. I am still slightly in play. I am writing this blog on a PC and thus to the fine folks at Brother, I am sorry for not using a typewriter to pen my words to my avid readers.

We live in a new age, one that started with a 30 second spot by Macintoch in 1984 or was it Jules Verne in the late 1800’s. One may never know, other than Al Gore who penned the term “information superhighway”. No matter how we divvy the teams, a war rages on between the traditionalists and the new generation.

Gear up your Dungeon’s and Dragon’s Warrior gear because Call to Duty is geared up with a lot more than wands and magic dust.

Tonights bout lineup includes:

Bejeweled vs Rubik’s Cube

Star Wars vs Avatar

Farmville vs Monopoly

Tour of Duty vs Frogger

Rhianna vs Madonna

Reagan vs Obama

Free Love vs politically correct

I spent time with my friends vs I texted my friends

Michael vs Justin

Cosby and Mash vs The Office and Modern Family

Camcorders vs Flip

Commodore 64 vs Macbook

Quite a lineup card for tonight. The odds are set, place your bets and vote.

If you had the chance to spend one year in 1984 or 2010, what choice would you make?

Let’s let the readers decide. Place your vote and let us know which is better – Nostaligia or Technology

Then or now!!!!!

Round one

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