Love Letters from the Past

The art of the letter and more importantly the love letter is a dying art. Jest, I may even go so far as an art well past its prime to the point of seizing its last breath. It was the anticipation of opening the envelope and seeing emotions pour out on paper as you held onto each word hoping to hear the true spirit of the person behind the pen. The love letter is a symbol of the romantic bond between two hearts who want to immortalize their feelings for all eternity.

As an ode to the pen and all those that have expressed their love through the written word, this is a thank you. Though some loves lasted and others faded with the wind, it is these words that will forever be remembered.

Let us now reflect on a time when we opened our hearts and expressed a level of emotion that committed us to the ultimate risk, the risk of love. Some shattered hearts, while others mended, but we sat on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the next letter and the words that would pour from the pen to our souls.

Enjoy excerpts from Love Letters from the Past:

“In the most simple and true way possible, I love you. Not the kind of love that requires it back, or the kind of love that comes with expectations or strings…Just the kind of love that sets my mind at ease whenever I am with you. The kind of love that washes my body with an alarmingly sweet heat at your touch. Not the kind of love that exists because of what I want or desire, but the kind that exist because of who you are and who we are together; because of who I am with you. I feel safety when I’m in your arms, like the entire army from hell couldn’t come close to me while I’m there. The softness and passion in your kisses seem to lift me from the earth, melting the rest of the world away and leaving only you and I to swirl around in the clouds of ecstacy. The heat of your body next to mine, the feel of your hands on my skin and in my hair. The way your eyes sparkle when you say something clever…These are the things that caused me to drop my guard with you even though my situation basically doomed us from the beginning. The way you seem to always be right, the way I don’t care when I am wrong. How you laugh when you really think something is funny and when you thinks it’s not. These are some of the things that ultimately lead me to love you. I don’t expect anything from you or out of “us”. I don’t need you to love me back. I don’t need any promises or favors…All I need is for you to know how I feel. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple isn’t it?!?”

– Summer

“Your letter was amazingly, awesomely, wonderfully great. I was smiling and laughing out loud the entire time I read it. The people around me thought I was crazy. Oh no! Now they know the truth about me. I got my Cosmopolitan magazine on my lap, some Juicy Fruit gum and the Walkman which I didn’t put on yet.

I wanted to write before we took off because I’m afraid I’ll get dizzy if I write while the plane is moving. I wanted to tell you how great it is for me to have finally found some true, real friends like you and Rock. I really appreciate all that you do for me. It can’t begin to tell you how much better you always manage to make me feel. But I’ll finish this later because we are starting to move. Thank you for always being here for me and for being such a wonderful and caring person.

I’m gonna miss you this weekend. A lot! Love,”

– Stacey

“Thank you for all the support you have given me during this difficult time. I know your thoughts will continue to be with me. Now you won’t have to hear that you spend too much time with me or get hung-up on :). I love you. I never said I needed you to love me the same way. And all I ever wanted was for you to let me love you. To kiss your lips, light a candle, and make love to you again. I would do or give-up anything in the world. Thank you for the year. I couldn’t have asked for a more special one. You are a special person to me with a permanent place in my heart. I have all the faith and confidence in you. Whenever you get lonely keep that with you. Your precious princess…”

– Kimberly

“I know that long distance relationships scare you (Believe me, they scare me too!). But I haven’t and never did ask that of you. All I would like to try for is perhaps a “friendship”. I do care about you and that surprises me considering the fact that I just met you. Please, don’t be scared to talk to me or write. I really do think that you are a great guy. I care and I’m here if you want a friend. Always…”

– Joleen

“You are amazing. I mean it. I was so happy to have you in town and I’m sad your’re on to your next destination – but I know it will be wonderful. You are a true friend and I’m so happy you’re my friend”

– Jen

“I meant what I said this morning, that no one has made me feel special in a long time. You don’t know how much it means to me when your do the little things, like saying “Thanks for going out last night for dinner.” People can buy all the gifts in the world, but it doesn’t even come close to how I feel when I know you think about me. When I read your Christmas card, for instance it meant the world to me for you to say that something reminded you of me and to know that you like being near me. As much as your may hate to admit it, you are a nice person.

So I finally meet a guy who is fun, interesting, has a life and responsibilities, can understand that I have a life with my own responsibilities and wouldn’t you know it, it turns out to be my friends’s brother. The guy he told me not to get involved with because until he is serious, he treats girls like crap…”

– Amy

“As I sit here writing this, I am anticipating your departure. I am very happy that you will be able to spend time with your family and friends. Yet naturally, I am saddened that you will not be with me. I will miss you very much when you are gone. Remember that I am thinking of you and still loving you. I feel an array of different emotions right now. Where do I begin? Maybe one day you will be showing this letter to another love of your life or maybe it will be one you keep as private as your journal. I love you. That is where I wish to start.”

– Kimberly

“I needed to say something, please don’t take this letter as a bad thing. It is not a bad thing. Obviously I’ve been back and forth through all this and obviously I’ve put serious thought into it. It’s a very serious thing for me and I’m sorry to do this but I need time. I’m not asking for forever; just a couple of days. I need it and I’m sorry for that but I have to do this. I need to not see you for a couple of days. I need this.”

– Casey

“How can I say good-bye to a person who aggravates me to no end but also always makes me laugh? I wish you the best of luck throughout your life. I hope you will be happy and I know you will be successful. I already miss you and can’t wait until you come back. My love always…”

– Kim

“It truly is the little things you do that make me love you. The words you write, taping the show, dancing to no music but that in our heads and so much more. I want to be clear about my feelings. No interruptions.

I made that promise before I ever met you and I continued that promise before I really felt you. I want you and need you because I love you. I realize this isn’t necessarily forever, but for now…you were right when you said my name. I am yours because you make my eyes grow and everyone of your kisses still send chills down my spine and butterflies to my stomach. This is all why I want to share this with you. I want to know and I never want to regret having all these feelings and never having found out what it feels like to be with you. You mean the world to me. You have become my world. Whenever you decide you want me, I am here. And I want you so badly I can feel an ache I never knew existed. You are very important to me. I love you”

– Anonymous (I know but I have to leave a little mystery)

“Being that February is “Adopt a Bunny Month” I figured I should do my part…Granted it’s just a card with bunnies on it, but what can you do.

Actually, I was just thinking of you-which I seem to be doing quite often lately, and wanted to try and brighten your day like you brighten mine…(Seriously, I’m not always this cheesy”

– Anonymous (Signed a disclosure agreement not to share :))

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