Don’t Blink Now..Life is happening (You may cry)

“Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away. Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away”
– Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town – Pearl Jam

I was walking the beach one evening. The air was crisp, the waves crashed in the distance and the reflection of the stars off the face of the ocean created a mystical light show reinforcing the wonder that is all around us.
It was in the moment, deep in thought that I reminded myself of the importance of perception. We all have good and bad in our lives. It is those that can soak the positive energy that feel the presence of true happiness. We all have the ability to feel the goodness of a warm breeze and the scent of fresh lilacs. When we are overpowered by the negative, we often fall into an abyss which we cannot return from. I enjoy swimming in the positive.

In all the frailty of existence we must continue to take advantage of this gift of life. To often we exhibit behaviors of greed, addiction, laziness, routine and denial instead of embracing the endless path of adventure knocking on our door.

Each breathe is a miracle.
Every step is the beginning of a new journey.

Life is as fragile as a bird in flight guided by the freedom of the wind but subject to the poisons that surround us. As we grow, we become aware of our senses and capabilities and begin the journey that will create a unique path that will be looked back upon for generations to come. Others will learn from the choices we make. Our pathway is a personal adventure of discovery, one that will force us to make decisions that will shape the next move in the chess game of life.

Our very being is a shelter for mind, body and soul, protected from the elements but aware of the piercing pain the thorns can inflict. This being will be forever etched never to be forgotten.

How often are you asked the question “What are you skills?” whether that is on a date, an interview, in casual discussion or in a personal moment of reflection. As we are raised, our mental capacities become more aware of our surroundings and capabilities. Like superheroes, we start to see areas of excellence that sets us apart from one another. Once we have discovered these gifts, we have a duty to utilize them for good. No good for ourselves alone but the good we can bestow on others and the legacy we leave as our footsteps are washed away by the oceans powerful waters.

In the blink of an eye, life begins……

Crawling across the room, falling and laughing
Building a fort out of a cardboard box
Playing on the swings
Going to camp and leaving your parents for the first time
The innocence and passion of the first kiss
Hitting the game winning shot in the State Championship in front of a thousand screaming fans
Holding up that diploma with pride and seeing your family weep in tears of happiness
Sitting up at 2 AM writing a paper and feeling the pressure of responsibility
Making decisions about your future for the first time
First day on the job
The grief of watching a loved one lowered into the ground
Falling in love
Declaring forever your dedication to the person you will spend all eternity with
Welcoming a new life into this world as you looking into the baby blues of your newborn
Watching your children run around the house
Waving them off to school for the first time
Watching the car pull away as they begin the next phase of their lives
Sitting on the rocking chair, sipping ice tea and remembering why you fell in love in the first place.
Watching the setting sun…

Life is a dream.
It is a series of opportunities to make imagination a reality
It gives you the potential to reach for the stars or lay under them with someone you love

Don’t forget to dance…The music is all around you.

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