Black Hair and Penetrating Eyes – Original Poem


Her jet black hair and penetrating eyes crossed from silhouette to angel
Footsteps in the distance send shivers
Closer she comes
Each inch of her skin penetrating my soul like a dagger

It was the pain of love
Love unrecognized
Love unknown
Love so perfect

She is a visual masterpiece free from the canvas
She is the artist’s opus

Men weep for this Madonna
High on the pedestal; chiseled in stone for generations to fall to their knees

She is color where there is darkness
She is inspiration when humanity has lost its way

Soft hands heal
Lips soothes with words; words of comfort

Those eyes; the gateway to the soul

The journey down to the soft curves of the hips and thighs are the apex of an explorers manifest


I am a hitchhiker on the road of life
Without a permanent home
Seeking answers each day to questions all around

I want to dive in the pool of her desire and get swallowed in the comfort of her fantasy

With her jet black hair and penetrating eyes I am captured
Captured forever in a single moment
A moment that stopped time and defined the purity of love

I look to a star; close my eyes and let her image brand into a permanent place in my memory


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