The Necklace – Original Poem


The memory of her father, once around her neck, now looked upon by another

In his hands, her heart, her legacy, her past
The simplicity of silver; the complexity of a past that remains

Does he hold the key to unlock a new beginning?
Will he make her demons go away?

As he holds on tight, sending her messages through his soul, pulses race

A romantic gesture from a girl who lost her way
Buried deep behind the cobwebs, a playful dreamer planning a fairy tale life skipping down a cobblestone road of roses and daisies

A rebirth has been injected into the bloodstream
Banners fly high, announcing the return of the poetically charged princess who has found new meaning

This necklace
Heart within a heart
Joint union of hope
Powerful notice of love

Drunk on the promise of a new sunrise
Uninhibited now
Yearning for that next kiss
Filled with the sweet honey of passion


Thoughts of the man who read her to sleep and kissed her on the forehead
The protector, the giver, the generous heart

Now she has another
One to offer a shoulder to cry on; tell a story to help rest her weary eyes; provide a home

The necklace rests on the mantle next to a picture of two loves sewed together by the hands of celestial beings

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