The Cycle of Raquel – Original Poem

lost1It is a whimsical cycle of love lost; love found; love lost; repeat
A playful tilt a whirl on the playground of life
A sandbox child trapped in a quicksand world

This is the story of the cycle of Raquel

Boy meets girl; souls collide
He knows; she knows
It’s a suicide mission volunteered with honor
The Devil laughs

In a promise made by two unspoken hearts, they agree to meet on the platform at sunrise
Station number two
All aboard the train of love, next stop is eternal bliss
She boards the west bound and he the east

The jukebox plays “Just Once” as the Devil fiddles off

Alone on the swing he sits watching a cinematic biography of what if
A life story played in IMAX 3D

lost2Soon she will arrive
Young and careful
A seeker of love and he with the key
A new face, new look and same feel

Together they will dance and sing and ride the cycle of Raquel
Soon sunlight will turn to snow

In the wings, the fiddler awaits tuning away for another day

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