With Those Tiny Fingers – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Often a moment defines our lives; but in a rare instance, you fulfill a destiny that shapes the moment
The center of all being, forever captured in an 8MM still frame

A saw your face written in wisdom; painted in a canvas of clouds; singing with tears of joy
I look into your eyes and see an emptiness waiting to be filled with wonder

Your birth holds the answers to our mistakes
A new burden thrust upon your innocence
A call for change in a windstorm of uncertainty

Whenever I call you, I know you will hear
When I am beyond your reach, you will feel my presence

Those tiny fingers will touch lives with magic

Just when surrender offers a package so appetizing
When hope is tainted by the footsteps of a thousand wanderers
When fire burns the roots of a new tomorrow
When the death of war laughs all around

Those tiny fingers will touch lives with magic

Walls will crumple
Ideas questioned
Beliefs desecrated

Imagination, oh imagination

To fly
Hovering high above, tickled by the stars
To leap
Farther than the limits of time
To love
Unconditional vulnerability

Imagination, oh imagination

You will rescue us when the forest has lost its sunlight
And with those tiny fingers, you will touch


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