Silent Night – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 6.43.03 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Silent Night
Small town snowfall
All is right, all is quiet
A soft kiss under the glimmer of a sparkling moon
Two lovers, honest and sincere
Hope, faith and love
All that we need
All we can spare

A sincere tear falls upon this chilly cheek
In your eyes, I see a glimmer of forever

These familiar streets are a dream to me
The same faces, the same feeling
A sentimental place
I want nothing else

I can smell the coffee from our café
Those empty booths are warm just for you and me

Our first kiss on the corner
It’s where I fell for you
A stumble on the curb, a moment for all time
I was the tough kid, but in a heartbeat I surrendered to you

I our little town I got lost in forever with you
I believed we are watched from up above
Protected from all the dangers

From the time we rode our bikes to the park to the quiet nights with nothing but the stars to entertain us

Every day, an angel by my side
Every night in the darkness, the sunshine on my shoulder

This small town is a blessing because it brought me here to you
In an intimate mist, I found salvation

Can you hear it now
Can you hear the sounds of everything whispering
Hello crickets, hello birds, hello love

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