Don’t Wake Me Up – Original Poem

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.36.48 PM

By Mark A. Leon

Can you hear me smile through the darkness of my tears?

Don’t wake me up
Don’t even try
Don’t tear me from my dreams to the fog of this reality

There is peace and tenderness in the stories of my subconscious
Only to end with the empty blackness comforting my loneliness

Take me back
She is perfect; a timeless reminder of a love so pure
I traced your smile
A masterpiece; work of art
Forever locked up in the gallery of my soul
Born to love you
A star
A guiding force to with the wings to fly and the lips to hypnotize

With my final swallow of this liquid drug, I fade into you world once again
Welcome me with guidance of your kiss
Like a slow motion cinematic fantasy, I am lost in a pool of nirvana
Forever a slave to you powers
Lace and leather
Hold me tight

Tie me down only to feel more free
Don’t wake me up
Fight off the will
Stay in the light
Stay in her sight

You feel so real
This is my only reality
All my empty journeys lead back to you

All these homes and I never left
A million miles to never take one step

Don’t wake me up

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