Passing Through – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Wasn't expecting that
A playful banter
A joyful tear
A sense of community
It washed away the fear

I was an island surrounded safely by the comfort of a sanctuary of isolation
Judge, jury, defendant and prosecution
Yes guilty of removing the elements of the remnants of this war of existence
The biggest casualty of humanity is awareness
A terrible destructive decay of skyscrapers, yachts, luxury electric moving pods and endentured slavery to the greenback

The smoke is only getting thicker
Machines track
Machines brainwash
Machines manipulate
They are the puppet masters

Yes I, we, you it's puppets

So once again, I was passing though

A new scenery in the silly wonderland called life
Funny creatures await, entertaining with their whimsical sideshow

New smells and tastes
Seem familiar they do, but look closely
Look beyond what you see
The nectar is sweet
Run away
Run away I tell myself
To another land, another place, another audience of strangers
Alas, I was only passing through

You smiled
An Angel sculpted from the sun
Perfect porcelain marble
Penetrating eyes blue as the sky and hair so golden

You smiled at me
Why me
I'm no one; no where
A shadow moving quickly in the darkness

You smiled and winked
Yes me
Why me?

You walked closely gliding almost in flight
I feel an energy strengthen as you approach
A vulnerability that seems to be making me stronger
I'm confused, but calm
Anxiety void as the people warmth showers this shielded soul

I was only passing through

I can taste your lips though you are physically not near

I can hear words of love though you move in silence

I can feel a wall tumble to the ground
I am frozen in your presence

I try to say, "I was only passing through"
With a soft finger you touch my lips, I melt into your arms

I am here to stay

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