Cut Through The Bulls#%t – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

Cut through the bullshit
Tell her you love her
Don't hesitate
Never second guess the feelings brewing in your heart
Release the fear
Listen to the song
Move her a little bit closer
Celebrate the grand gesture
Tell her you love her

Cut through the bullshit
Bleed the love you've bottled up inside
You know
She knows
The waiting is only Intensifying the pain of the inevitable happiness destined inside

To believe is enough
To touch the hands of another genuine soul can heal the scars
Feel the flame
Walk closer
Dive into a love burning inside both of you

Write down the words that keep you awake at night
"What if"
Cross it out, tear it up, burn it until all its oxygen is exhausted
Bury it six feet down then fly to the clouds and emancipate the love

Say it
Embrace it
Suffocate it with all your might
Cut the bullshit
Stay with her
Stay with me
Hold on now

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