Don’t Cry – Original Screenplay (About losing a friend during September 11 Attacks)

Over the course of our lives, we will each experience tragedy, some with extreme levels of anguish and some with deeply personal ties that penetrate deep into our hearts.

This is a story of losing a friend in the World Trade Center tragedy and a group of college friends whose lives each took their own direction with maturity, marriage and adolescent change. As they come together to reflect on her life and their own, they will each walk away with a lesson on life and the meaning of friendship and love.

One person, was the most affected by the loss of this friend. A man who not only lost a friendship in the rubble but lost his spiritual soul mate. This is a story about a group of young professionals who once shared a roof and a bond of friendship in a college dorm and now must once again come together to face one of the most difficult times of their lives and most of the most personal realities: mortality.

Let yourself go as you read this coming of age drama about friendship, love, death and heartbreak set to the backdrop of one of the most most devastating events in United States history.

As you reflect on your own transformation from youth to adulthood, remember all the people that influenced you, shaped your well being and gave you love that has stayed deep in the trenches of your heart.

Enjoy the original screenplay, Don’t Cry

Don’t Cry – Original Screenplay

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