Dreamer – Original Poem

On the wave of life she rides a board of courage
A dreamer, in a world of unfulfilled dreams
A survivor, pure as the spring waters breaking against the rough terrain

A path that has bled from her heart drips out memories of a life of unrequited passion
She looks behind to see the thorns that have cut her up feeling the wounds that have never healed

Now a rebirth
A new sensation tingles and warms as her body resting in a hot spring
The soul taken from this earth, fed and nurtured and given a second chance

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this angel of mercy is blessed with a new renaissance

Guinevere, a bird in free flight, energized by the wind, powered by the dawn of a new day

She sees a future, not chained by the past or hindered by the present

The metamorphosis is complete
The awakening has begun
She is free, protected by her delicate beauty and motivated by the tapestry of a new journey

A queen in the castle blooming with the symmetry of wisdom and allure
A new sunrise
A well needed acceptance

One thought on “Dreamer – Original Poem

  1. how do i get in touch with the poet? I am a designer and very inspired by the words in the poem, I want to get the poet’s permission to use some part of the poem in my concept story for my next collection . It is very close to something that I have been working on.

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