With Fondness – Original Poem

For this I thank you
You are the light that illuminates the path to righteousness

In your eyes, a reflection of my past
In your words, the confidence to try

It is with all my strength, I bow to your prowess that is your unspoken beauty
Your elegance is in your simplicity
You are a lover of life; a healer of souls

With fondness I thank you

In the winter, you are the angel that warms my nights as the purity of the snow lets gravity take hold and coat the ground with a cloud of immaculateness

With each farewell, a new hello is born
Each new face, a reminder of you

The road is full of pain
Painted with blues and reds
Jesters laughing at misfortune
Clowns mocking the fight
Magicians hiding from the illusion

This maze is a wicked path in all directions

With fondness, you will be by my side, always

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