The In Between – Original Poem


I was born, this I know
I will die, this too is true

Creation and dissent is beyond the realm of my control.
It is a being, higher than the power of conceived understanding or a collective perception drawn by men of elder years and followed by the lost.

It is the in between
The space been birth and death that is mine.

As the ocean roars; the sun rises and the snow-capped mountains reach for the clouds I control the in between

It is my journey
My mistakes
My fate found and lost
It is in these words; this action that I write the book of me

Disease runs though the body melting the senses with the poison of predators that prey on the weakness within ourselves

The disease is dead inside this shelter of blood and bones, but can rise from the grave if my will is dissolved


Each day must be an awakening
A power from within reminding us of the control we have of the in between

Become a leader, a follower, a journeyman in the path of life partnered with the passion in your soul

In between, we are fueled by the energy of compassion
Tempted by the fruits of sin
Inspired by wings of rich colors painting the canvas of Earth’s beauty

Each step forward exploits a chance meeting with destiny

Give life the kiss of karma and begin now a look forward

The tunnel is clear
Let the bright colors of the rainbow be your light
Imagine it now

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