The Devil May Cry – Original Poem


Life is not about the pursuit of heaven and hell
Not the pity we create due to our self imposed short comings
Not the blame we place on others

It isn’t about the philosophy of right or wrong; nor the lifetime pursuit of the immortal sign of nirvana
The one visual mystery that solidifies the hope of a mystical after-life of eternal perfection
A cloud void of hate, emotion, strive and pain.
A home of love
Where emotion is stripped from the spirit and the core remains


This is not our purpose; not our legacy
We are not a definition; yet we are defined

Defined by moments that change lives

A spiritual awakening
An unconscious act of kindness
A brush of generosity to a stranger
A warm embrace when a tear is shed
A hug bringing shelter from the storm of the aching
To look at death from the eyes of another and understand

We are the gatekeepers of heaven
This conceptual utopia reuniting us with a life left behind

I want to find the catalyst to the deepest roots of my emotions
Find a meaning to a life not written
A simultaneous stream of now playing forever


Today I pledge to honor this now; this life; this soul

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