Everything I Do – Original Poem


I believe in you

Since the first verse of love sonnets swept me away, my heart belonged to the angels
I dreamed of you through those words
Visualizing a life of perfection in the comfort of your arms

I held you tight before our eyes met
I cushioned your fall with words of enchantment
Together we fell from this place to a fantasy

Rose petals covering cobblestone
Rainbows lighting the passage
Minstrels playing harps along the journey

Harmonious rhythms

All written in the pages of our eternal tale
Passed down from generation to generation

The purest of love stories
A narrative told from mothers to daughters
Fathers to sons

From the dawn of life, it is love that defines
Love that perseveres
Love is the symbol of moral justice and the strength of a thousand horses


It is your love that carries the power to move mountains
To fuel this heart
It is your love that defines my being
Lights the candle that illuminates my soul
It is your love given at birth

You are the only gift I know
The only blessing that matters

You are the faith I believe in
My words are only a humble offering of a feeling I cannot express

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