First Kiss – Original Poem


I want to see you cry
I want to feel your tears
Hold on to this feeling
Is finding happiness what you fear?

Believe in a new tomorrow for your youth is still near
Remember to believe in yourself and the promises you left on the playground
Remember those dreams hanging off the stars
Hold on to that feeling

Feel the pain of laughter
Cry until the tears form a smile
Look at the trust inside my eyes

Know it in the first kiss
Tears of yesterday wet the lips of love for tomorrow

Hold on to that feeling
Let me be your first
To love you with all you deserve
Let me be the first to place the slipper on your delicate foot
To watch you become the princess

Let me watch over your kingdom for all your days
To shower you with fragrances of nature’s bounty
The sun will shine its warmth upon you

Hold on to that feeling
Each day a first kiss


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