My Little Town – Original Poem


Racing down the street in my yellow two wheeled racer
Wind at my back and open road ahead
In my little town, I was king

No factories, no crime
No sign of a world outside

Subtle complexity and wonder; how pure we were then
Like untapped honey, our sweet journey anointed us
We were the believers

There was no cure for the disease of laughter and happiness

At night, the sounds of grasshoppers sending out their mating calls while we watched the stars dance in the sky entertained our senses
Cheap wine on the rocks was shared among friends

There was no future; no past
We only knew the now

Our parents sat by the window waiting to greet us home
Dogs playing in the yard
Lawns moved and the fresh smell of cut grass was our drug

In my little town, I was king
Hiding from the neighbors waiting to be found
Racing down the street to the corner just to step outside our walls

In the summer, the steps were the arena where a laser light show of fireworks shot off from every direction
Mom and dad on each side, sparklers in hand
Proud to be an American as the flag waved in the background


This was my little town
A proud town; small and free
Quiet and proud

I learned about life in my little town
A place to call home

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