Beginnings – Original Poem

Through these eyes, I see wonder
A beautiful unknown, cold and safe
Wrapped in a blanket and warmed by the touch of another

In a moment of chaos, a womb disappears
An infinite abyss has opened its gates

My call for help translated into tears
Crying without knowledge

Slowly, the movie begins
Eyes opening; lights go on; music begins and the opening scene thrusts me into center stage
An audience of two watch with splendor and awe
I see myself in each of them

The monster within soothed by their smile
Confusion is all I know

I am wrapped in the arms of a woman soon to be called mom
I am looked over by a man soon to teach me the lessons of life

I will someday be on my own
In a suitcase of memories and education, I will forge forward empowered by my birthright
Earning a place in the eternal journal of life

Today marks my beginnings
A clean slate of hope for a bright tomorrow
A future grounded on this moment

This very second
I start with one
I am me and I will be proud

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