Slow Down – Original Poem

Hurry to die we do not seek
Hurry to live we are

In lines, we crowd; bodies pressed together in preparation for a new delay
Traffic is a symbolic gesture to the advancement of numbers

Freedom is crushed by the mere existence of free will

Pregnant and lost
Letting newborns into a world we cannot handle

Victims to a pace faster than the speed of light
Slow down

Accept a moment of solitude; learn, teach, make well

Time is a relative number dictated by a light and darkness
A circular cycle of beginnings and endings
Each day we witness miracles

From the penetration of one heart to another to the first steps of a baby

We are overwhelmed by beautiful simplicity in a world overrun with chaos
These simple miracles are getting lost in a sea overrun by our own progress
Small miracles all around

Pieces of time forever hidden away in the hearts of man

If we hurry, we will miss this train
It is a train bound to a village of happiness; a village of inhabitants laying on a grass field, enlightened by the electric fury of life

A seat waits for you.

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