Where My Love Rests in Magnolia Gardens – Original Poem

mag1Still, on a bridge of crimson red, frozen in a moment so sweet, I feel your breath softly caressing my neck
Skin so soft, words so gentle
Surrounded by the echoes of historic elegance and the winds of Southern kisses our lips meet for one compassionate kiss
Magnolia scents
A garden of Eden illuminated by the light of Heaven
A symphony of azaleas, daffodils and camellias blossom all around

A classical harmony of birds whistling the songs of ancestors dining and dancing under the stars

The nature trail, a moving canvas with colors of the rainbow painted all around

I take your hand as the alligators lie still, the heron and egrets stand at attention and the turtles slowly find a place to rest their weary bodies

Tender fingers lock with mine, a simple Southern smile

With a gust of wind, I feel us rising high above the majestic trees, floating to the clouds
Gardens below blossoming in the spring air
A home so quiet now, at peace from hundreds of years of harvest

The swamp so green like a carnival of Irish delight

plant1So perfect, this plantation

A symbol of the love between heart and nature

Looking in your eyes, I feel safe
As we glide down to the bosom of this Magnolia estate, I see a blanket embroidered with the word “home”
Come with me my angel, walk through history, lay homage to the sculptures and smell the flowers tickling our legs as we find our place
Let us rest, my love under this enchanted tree as the nectar of the gardens allure keep us warm

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