Clear the Mind – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Rest the soul
Be still
Feel the energy fill you with love
Clear the mind


Let go of the negative that haunts
Its charred blackness is a fleeting memory of a past left hidden in the trenches
The sunlight is a guidance

Push Start

Begin again
Once new and fresh will once again penetrate the heart
First step on a journey of discovery
A hug from a tree
A whistle from a bird
A stranger with a smile
A love soon to trip you up

Engines flowing

Walk, accelerate, run
Race for your dreams
Don’t stop; never slowdown
Let the blood rally around your passion


Be still
Clear the mind
Let yourself go free
Embrace the moment when time stops
When a single instant defies logic
When a single heartbeat becomes a chapter of enlightenment

It is then
Only then
Clarity is found

Surrounded by a rainbow of love flowing from all directions
Quenching your spirit

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