One Final Note – Original Poem


By Mark A. Leon

Chasing death in the nightmares flooding our sleepless nights
Run as fast as you can
Never to escape this imprisoned mind
A life sentence
Shackled by the absorbance of life’s infinite tragedies

In a cloud of snow I retreat
Cold and pure; a wonderland for the insecure
We’re one
Born one
Die one
Fight the struggle alone

Cut ourselves to feel again

Skies are blue
Blue as the summer day
Blue is sadness
Sadness for the world created by me and you

It’s the same story told over and over again
The same notes
Same verse
The chords play the music and the crowd gets lost in the song
And then it ends with one final note

Same emotional strain handed to the next generation

Sing her that song
Let her weep as your shadow disappears in the distance
It all fades
The euphoria is but the blink of an eye
A flash of brilliance in an otherwise chaotic canvas

The poets words mask the feelings behind the makeup of a clown’s pen

A shallow grave is but an entrance portal to an unknown darkness
Fade slowly into the abyss
Void of color; void of now

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