Corridor of a New Day – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon 

My heart is in every line
The sweet surroundings propel the steps to document the human condition
From the waves to be valleys my heart crashes with joy
Ancestry have left footsteps to guide the way
I can hear the sounds in every language
Foreign and near
Familiar and far, it's unclear
Measured in seconds
Pretending it's clear

Surrounded by letters, sounds, emotions so foreign, so clear

Like an accident seen in a rear view mirror, the further away, the more clear

We are still far from here
Homeless remain invisible sleeping in piss covered alleys
Begging in silence for a meal or a simple way to die

The wealthy are disabled to the emotional handicap of void indifference

Our leaders answer to a nine digit bank account routed ten thousand miles from home

Secrets remain, decaying away
Like a mystery novel where fact and fiction bleed so nicely into the river of dismay

Still I search
Still I find my way
A new understanding
A new everyday

Some days I observe
The conversation
The embrace
The kisses
The emotions relate

Some days I participate
Let my vulnerabilities ignite
Let myself in to another's world
Shores in the distance
A destination at every turn

Time to enter the corridor of a new day

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