Call Me Freedom – Original Poem

By Mark A Leon

Free from the chains of oppression
A manipulation of the mind
Augmented; distorted, collaborative mind games

Flawed by greed and deception
A model of injustice conceptualized by the rich, archived by the educated, ridiculed by the intellects, and prayed upon by the poor

The book
An interpretive guide to contradictory release of guilt
A manifesto to a fantasy
A malicious misguided attempt at ethical bias

Break the chains
Yearn to be free as the wild horses on the plain
No rules, but the open air
Look beyond the mountains
Beyond the valleys
Beyond the prairies

Where are all the beautiful hearts ?
The kind souled dreamers
The future of mankind depends on us

It's a race not for victory, but existence
Time is a perceptive reality shrinking to a microcosm of its origins

Call me freedom, but don't call me alone
Calling to the masses
Quarantined without a voice
Speak up
Through words and song
Speak up through connection
Speak up through action
Speak as loud as you can until the clouds part

Transcendence in the now

It's time to call us all freedom as we bask in the warmth of the sun reigning high above the sky as the curtain of clouds part in the sky

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