The Escape – Original Poem

In the warm winter glow of the night’s sky, the sun sets on another day.
Hallowing over mother Earth in flight; sound and light converge as one
The freeze in the air is masked by the beauty of the a ball of fire hiding from our vision

In the distance, a haunting peace between here and there
Stuck in the middle of existence on a transatlantic flight of strangers so familiar to me

The faces change, but the voices all too much a reminder of the tranquil chaos waiting for us

Clouds wave now as we pass through the neighborhood, welcoming our arrival and departure in one motion

The wing, a plank tempting us to challenge gravity to a dual to the death
So inviting a free fall would be, but rational thought does once again take over a mind rattled in confusion

Leaping above humanity to the spiritual throne high above
All fiction and fact are now one on this mystery ride
Between Earth and Space we sit; a purgatory of solace

The constant sound of movement confuses me now as I feel still

A stillness that allows for reflection
A stillness that invites perceptive insight

Such a utopia now
Nearby a bird shares a glance

The sky is not a bloody red tapestry

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