I Broke Up with Facebook…And I’m doing ok

It has been almost two weeks since I broke up with Facebook.
I have not liked, shared, checked-in or uploaded anything and it feels quite refreshing.

How ironic, on the cusp of perhaps the biggest IPO in history that will make a few key individuals billionaires within minutes, I have chosen to break up.

This is by no means finite. I downloaded my file to a zip and I can re-activate at any time. Please don’t shed any tears.

Before we move forward, there are several key points that need to be made:

1. I do much of my professional duties in the Social Media space.
2. I manage a successful blog and chose to walk away from the biggest social network in the world and currently the #2 ranked website in the world (Alexa.com Ranking of Facebook)). Yet there has been no significant decrease in traffic.
3. Since deactivation which removes all comments, likes and administrator duties, only 4 of my 1075 even noticed
4. Without the ability to share every activity of my life with pictures, video and commentary, I do not feel any less valued by society.

Now back to the story.

A recent study came out indicating that Facebook is increasing levels of loneliness and narcissism in people. Duh! A need for instant affirmation is critical with status updates, pictures, videos, comments, likes and shares. For those that stay at home and scroll down on all their friends and contacts out and about doing fun and exciting things could create a sense of loneliness and lack of societal value. That just saved thousands of dollars and labor hours. I should do more of these studies.

Why now do we feel we need instant gratification for each and every move of our lives? Is it society that has always been this way and now we have a tool to feed on these actions or has this tool contributed to the evolution of a new way of life? Interesting coffee time discussion if you ask me.

Whether it is an IPad, laptop or mobile device, millions of people around the globe are creating their own small version of The Truman Show. We are all open for broadcast 24/7 whether anyone is watching or not. Who is our target audience? Is it our friends, our family or ourselves? Maybe in a way, we need to document the timeline of our life to validate its importance to ourselves. These visual journals may create the perception of a higher sense of worth.

Facebook has given us the tool to bring us to the highest levels of happiness and depression almost simultaneously.

Divorce, Stalking, Crime – Facebook Style

Has Facebook become the new face of divorce? Not necessarily marriage divorce alone but relationship divorce. How many relationships are not official until it says so on Facebook. How many break ups happen because your significant other was seen doing something inappropriate or became friends with an attractive person.

Transition into the new face of stalking? Oh stalking. Now you can check up on your friends, your significant other, a potential candidate, a potential vendor, contractors or anyone. Not only does your profile reveal so much but your pictures, likes, comments are all becoming more and more public. All of this allows us to create (in our minds) a picture of who we think you are. If I see you curse on a comment or show what I feel is an inappropriate picture, will I not hire you? If you believe in something I am against, will I not become friends with you? Hmmmm interesting.

Has anything thought through the idea of crime. Take for a moment to think about a family going to Orlando, Florida for a week. They send pictures from the road, laughing with Mickey, dancing at night and all is peachy in the world. Now that means there is a likelihood the house is vacant. Is it that hard to use the White Pages, find an address and burglarize the house? I think not.

Situation #2, take a jaded ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, old boss or criminal that you put away with your witness testimony. If you continue to check in everywhere you go, you take the mystery away from someone who is trying to hurt you to find you.

None of this is new.
Safety and security concerns has come under constant scrutiny on Facebook for years but it is not stopping millions from becoming part of this global domination community.

Facebook is more than a social network
It is more than a business model
It is more than a community sharing device.
It is shaping a world that is weak to cultural acceptance
We all want to belong and what better place than the biggest virtual network in the world.

When we look back 50 years from now and there are more humanoids than humans, this could have been the catalyst that started us on the road to disconnection. It could be the moment that changed the face of Earth.

I have often asked myself, when did things start to go wrong…2003

Now as I begin week three single from Facebook, I can say the following things:

1. I have not thought being on the site.
2. It is very refreshing not having your work, lifestyle and relationships under constant radar.
3. It has freed up more time to live.
4. It’s only a social network. There are many many many more including but not limited to: Our Bucket List, Pinterest,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Deviant Art, Live Journal and Google+,

Whether you stay on Facebook or not is a personal choice and this article is not meant to sway you either way. Just make sure at the end of the day, you are happy.

3 thoughts on “I Broke Up with Facebook…And I’m doing ok

  1. I am not on FB nor am I on Twitter. First off, I don’t want to be interrupted throughout my day with all the banalities my friends post. But the bigger over arching reason is that I am going through a divorce and the ex is a little scary. He never does anything that I can go to the police with, and the police are notorious in not doing much when it comes to domestic issues. But I don’t want to give him any more info about me that he already has. We still have mutual friends and FB has shown time and time again that their security protocols are abysmal. They change security settings and it’s on the user to figure out that everything suddenly became public.

    Then there is the issue of employers or prospective employers. They are actually asking people for their login info so they can check out all of your more ‘hidden’ stuff in FB.

    It amazes what people will share on their FB pages. The names of their children, the fact that it’s their birthday, identifying people in the pics they post…Stupid, stupid. Don’t even get me started on the people who post in writing or in pics about doing illegal or semi-legal things and wonder why they get in trouble.

    Then there’s this:

    I know a woman who supposedly had hit some bad times, borrowed a significant sum of money from a friend. Over the next few days, her FB showed her at a local bar for Karaoke night, then for a weekend getaway to the beach. Seriously? Needless to say, she is now persona non grata in our circle.

    Big Brother is watching you, and his name is Facebook.

  2. I noticed…..and I missed you. : ) Glad you are still blogging and on Pinning and that I can call you so we can still hang out. SMILES….

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