Lessons Learned from Californication

Whether you are a fan or a loather of Californication you must accept the notion that the power of the show is influential and the character development and story lines take on a very rare element in Hollywood: realism. This is a show about flaws. None of us in life are perfect. We all make mistakes and all live with the consequences of those actions. This show has not only dared to force us to look at ourselves but helps us laugh and smile at our own misfortune.

Hank Moody is a man with ideals, a damaged soul in a world lost for direction. He embraces his passions while falling victim to his vices. He is a man that is within all of us. Through his words and his unconditional protection for his family, we see the true guardian who, through the power of love, fights the good fight. In the end, we don’t know if Hank or anyone in his circle will find the Yellow Brick Road, but for those that have discovered Californication, we love the ride.

Over the coarse of five seasons, the words, the music, the relationships have given me room for thought and have challenged my personal pursuits as a writer and a dreamer.

I want to share a few moments that have continued to leave an impact on me and I feel will have a similar effect on you.

Your homework, if you chose to accept it is to feel the power of this rare exceptional piece of television.


We all have the ability to love.
We all have the ability to dream.
We will all fail but never stop trying to succeed.

Love of Family (Family isn’t perfect but in the end, they never stop caring)

True Love (When you know she/he is the one)

Say Goodbye with dignity and integrity

Never stop loving your child..Never

The Future is unknown (Sometimes you just have to drive)

Relationships are hard, Life is harder

4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Californication

      1. totally agree 100%, your post is short and sweet, it cuts the core of the true message of the show! thanks for writing it! and I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your posts,

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