Yesterday – Original Poem

In a moment, I woke up to find a weariness in my eyes
Life moved in fast forward while I slept

My youth has suddenly disappeared
I turned around only to see the decay of a path not chosen

I don’t recognize this face in the mirror
It reminds me of a time yonder, but I fear it is nothing but a fleeting memory

I can see myself on the playground
I can hear the voices that remind me of home
I can feel the pain of a bruise that now scars

Another breath
A deep sigh
A heaviness in my heart

Behind me is the fear of comfort gone
Ahead the fear of darkness

Happiness is a blessing clinging to the soul
It is in all of us but must be harnessed and shared to fulfill its goal of a life lived with passion

Again I must find the answer
It is in the book of love we write the next chapter

Life is only beginning to unfold
It is full of blank pages and with this pen I write the future

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