The Awakening – Original Poem

I ain’t no crying kind
This crazy heart holds it all inside
Free falling to the bottomless abyss inside my mind that races without a finish line

It is without regret I see the light
The clouds part and the sun shines
In a single moment all aching subsides, all pain is gone

I am weary in a place that sees no weakness
This is a home without land; a fence without boundaries

Out of the darkness I crawl into the enchanted forest
Greens as pure as angels
Water with the clarity of timeless beauty

For once, this poet is void of words
Roaming alone without hesitation
No turning back
No mirror of hidden memories

Forward steps in the sand
An instant of beauty
A sunrise decorated with mystery and music

This is it
The single moment when physical and mental lows meet with the angel of twilight and to rise above is the greatest victory

No fanfare
No celebration

An awakening has arrived

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