This Guitar – Original Poem


This guitar sits alone hidden behind its torn cloth home

Chipped and worn from a lifetime of serenades
Lovers born
Life created
Warm embraces on a rainy night

In harmony, this guitar would recite poetry with each chord
Eyes closed, its sound penetrates the soul

This guitar speaks to us no more
Once, it flourished
It was soothing like my Mother
Firm like my father

I miss the chords that aches with each heartbreak
Blood drawn fingers found salvation in the battle

We needed the guitar
For guidance
The music defined life
It was our teacher, mentor and caretaker

Does the silence matter?
Eternity in darkness void of music

It must never stop
Play this guitar
Play it loud
Play it long
Harmony, discord no matter
Just make it play


If it stops
We stop

Romance dies
Hurt dies
Laughter dies
Caring dies

Lingering days turn to none

When the last chord plays, this guitar will have enough
It will not hang on
But we must

We are not alone
When long days turn to longer nights
The music will be by your side

One thought on “This Guitar – Original Poem

  1. I agree, music goes hand in hand as does poetry with life.
    I use music with pictures to give my poetry more impact and understanding.
    Prolific is mine to learn better poetry, for I am but a ignorant child of poetry.
    God Bless and take care to beware, Bo

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