Our Bench – Original Poem


I forget how to breathe when you are near
A power you have over me
Weak at the knees, I surrender
Once, A figment of a reality only existing in my dreams
Now a reality

Warming this cold heart defeated by an optimistic pursuit of love failing in a lifetime of search
Using A map etched by poets of days long gone

Hints at a treasure chest filled with spirits so pure
Stories of Cupid’s work
Magic potions only to be drank by two hearts molded of the purest emotion
Sonnets from a boy to a girl
The scent of kisses
An air romance
The absolute goal of a conflicted world

In a word, love
In a sense, perfection
The sun shines brighter now
The grasp of security stronger
The ache of longing constant

She is real
Far, but still I reach
To touch her, faith
To hold her, belief


Witnessed by the trees and flowers, I sit and wait
She hears my silent calling
Our minds in sync, sending messages through our souls

The air is calm now
A slight breeze tingles my skin
I look up
Welcomed by a familiar smile
A love story about to be written

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