A Life of Passion – Original Poem

by Mark A. Leon
by Mark A. Leon

We are filled with passion
An undeniable thirst for truth
An unquestionable saga from the first breath to the last

It is in all of us to pursue an unmarked path and lay the foundation for a legacy

A legacy of desire
A legacy of learning
A legacy of defined testimony from the bible of our lives

We are all authors, explorers, dreamers and educators

In life we learn; in experience we fall; in the end we teach
We hold a burden; heavy in our hearts, light in our generosity

We have choices
To step on hot stones in pursuit of a great unknown
To hold back in fear; safe in the transparency of a bubble

Each one of us is bestowed upon birth a bag
Filled with emotion
Overflowing to the outside world
Untrained and wild, it flows through our veins and screams breaking the sound barrier and racing to the end of the universe

We have so much power
More than we can ever comprehend

We are heroes
Children look up and see their futures in our eyes
They smile and laugh and cherish

They see what we must
There is no do over; but there are new beginnings

We are part of an explosion; a renaissance of art, literature, invention and hope
We have the ability to save


We are not lost
We are found
Penetrate the layers and break the boundaries
There you will find it all
Measure you legacy

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