Absolute Center – Original Poem

He looked to the clouds
A perfect parade of fluffy joy

Are they an illusion shedding darkness on our light or a ladder to the heavens where the blind will finally see?

He have lived a life without vision
Surroundings manifested in the mind
An ecosystem of a world believed to be true

This is the con
The great ruse

What has become of this truth so cleverly hidden under layers and layers of disguised imagination?

In a world of never ending fantasy; where white is black and black white
We are launched into a rainbow of glitter and sparkles
A playful place where laughter cures

The concrete playground now a bed of marshmallows
The stone walls broken without boundaries
The lust of a hidden love now released

He touches her perfect body with his mind
Penetrating her soul without the need for words
Swimming for the heart; led by the warmth of her pulsating stream of blood

Slipping away into the point of utopia just beyond the retina of her eyes
He closes his eyes to finally see

The light gets brighter
All planets in movement coming together
The infinite universe converging to one singular point

This man
This woman

Absolute center

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